Enterprise Caliber Controls

Multiple marketing clouds. One platform. Unified analytics dashboard.

Control and Management

Streamline collaboration

Single Sign On

Manage users from a single, central directory

Audit Logs

View complete history of account activity

Role Based Access Control

Customize access and privileges by user role


Enable integrations and data portability


Multichannel Marketing

Segmentation, campaign and message creation, campaign workflow, and message execution across social, email, and SMS/MMS

ROI Tracking

Rolls up from the local level to regional, national, and global levels

Real-time API and Execution Functionality

Personalization, content management, event triggering, and real-time messaging management in both inbound and outbound environments


Track Engagement

Understand who’s responding to you and how with visibility into engagement, enabling further opportunities for expanding your reach, and get notifications about high-performing content to stay on target and replicate successes

Predictive Analytics

Set direction and growth strategy, predict user behavior to build successful campaigns, define budgets, and manage your brand reputation to increase your close rate

Advanced Analytics Functionality

Enables social, influencer, and growth marketing analytics and optimization in dashboards designed with guidance from some of the world’s most experienced business leaders


Experts in the Field

Our engineering team includes some of the world’s most skilled information security veterans, with decades of experience protecting platforms with hundreds of millions of users

Safe Data Storage

Data is stored in databases at AWS. We use encrypted storage volumes to protect the data at rest. All data is stored with a unique Organization ID and access to this data is only possible for authenticated users who have been granted access. This access is logged and audited. Two Factor Authentication ensures secure login.

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