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Don’t be forced to conform.

Get a flexible marketing architecture that adapts to you.

Leaders like you need smart data and execution. See who is doing what, who isn’t doing anything, and make smart, educated decisions on the fly.

See what's Relevant and Real
Find up to 40% more performance from activation and sponsorship partners by showing performance other systems simply miss. Know the actual numbers and actions that result from brand engagement.
Give each brand their own personal digital marketing cloud while maintaining full control and visibility. Compare group performance on the fly. Understand the entire group's digital media footprint.
Detect better performance and see past events surge back. Take out the guesswork by using real data to show the popularity of an article with listening technology for PR or news that can prune false positives quickly.
Knowledge flowing up and authority down
Analyze & deploy multiple brands with our unique container technology.
Provide each business unit with its own interconnected ‘marketing cloud’. Your team gets independent multi-channel execution, scheduling, and analysis for each container while you retain oversight and data.
Create freedom.
Enable trust.
Increase clarity.
Fast integration.
Interweave your insights with new use cases.
Attribution / ROI
Correlate changes and add repeatability to your revenue
Audience tracking and results (No PII needed)
Halo Effect and Brand Safety Monitoring
See not just what is happening but what you should spend time on
Product and Cannibalization Analysis
For new releases, see if audiences and consumers overlap
Optimal Influencer Modeling
How did that influencer interaction affect you? What ROI did it have?
Media Valuation
Easily classify, model, and aggregate media
Built to Manage Multiple Brands
Monitor your campaigns, see what content your fans are engaging with, predict your growth, and measure ROI based on your own data - without ever leaving the platform. Expand each container for a snapshot overview of all campaigns and activity or click through for greater detail. Dashboard analytics help you make better decisions faster. Powered by API... the choice is yours. Alembic can tie into your current marketing stack or stand alone. The choice is yours.
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