AI-enabled analytics that reveal how your media mix drives revenue

Alembic gives a holistic view of your entire media mix, showing impacts to your revenue, across all channels, in near real-time. Earned, owned, paid, 3rd party or competitive.

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What can you do with Alembic

Understand ROI and Impact

Understand the impact to revenue of key events between multiple media data sources. Looking far ahead instead of using marketing mix models that lag months behind. Guide your decisions to adjust media spend with competitive landscape changes.

Audience first, cross-brand insights

Achieve understanding and reduce media waste at the same time. Optimize across brands and subsegments of the most sophisticated organizations. Gather complimentary data to optimize media spend on platforms (i.e. inventory).

Collect media data & optimize divisions

Leverage entire brand portfolio to target audiences with whichever brand(s) resonates. All while expanding visibility to 3rd party, earned, owned and paid media in relation to performance of revenue and key metrics.

Enable near real-time decision making

See revenue enabling, comprehensive, and as close to real-time read from strategies and media investment. Show the CFO or sponsors the ROI, halo effect, and dollar value of channels. Does TV effect search volume and ROI of SEM?

The first marketing conversion & event correlation engine

Not another system of record, a system to drive decisions

We acquire authoritative data direct from the source and store it in an ultra-fast, high-cardinality, database. Then we enrich the insights with our proprietary data.

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We solve real issues for these industries

Whatever your Industry we have a solution to supercharge your marketing







With Alembic, our teams and clients can access comprehensive analytics across millions of engagements in real-time, across all channels, whenever they need them.

Rebecca Paoletti, CEO, CakeWorks

Capture a More Complete Picture of your Market Impact

A platform built end-to-end to let you show your true impact

We handle the entire analysis stack in one place. Our in house ingestion, storage, AI and statistics algorithm, and display give the reports you need to make key decisions on demand, not weeks or months later.

You see insights and we handle the billions of rows of data

To show attribution and deep insights, especially in the post-cookie and iOS opt in world, you have to ingest a huge amount of anonymized aggregate data. We ingest direct from the sources so you don’t have to worry about API quotas, third party database storage charges, or complexities normalizing metrics across channel.

Strategically insert owned brands into the best environments

Find out where to embed brands into content where consumers are tuning in as opposed to tuning out. Use data to decide where to target which ad-blocked environments and media partners to infiltrate (i.e. earned) such as quantifying entertainment and sports sponsorship value (i.e. impact).

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What Clients are Saying

"Using Alembic has given us a whole new way to showcase the importance of social to both athletes and brands, the insights visualize data in a way that makes it understandable to almost anyone no matter their level of expertise in the space."

- Content Capital

"Alembic has shown us data about our media channels that we have never seen before. It has helped us evolve our strategies and prove our results to almost anyone."

- Karin Kildow, Head of Digital, Beyond Meat

High-power, Effortless to Use

Container Structure

Make sophisticated cross multi-brand and geo analysis easy and instantly understandable.

Calendar view with quantifiable analytics

Start with a birdseye view not just of channel events, but also their corresponding value.

Stop looking back and start looking forward

Revenue and conversion forecasting lets you fix problems before they get out of hand.

Valuation modelling by division

Easily discover untapped areas of opportunity that competitors are missing entirely.

Stop looking back and start looking forward

Minimize media waste and increase relevance while understanding current and desired audiences.

Deep data set down to the post level

React to the unexpected with near to real-time insight on your media strategies.

With Alembic, our teams and clients can access comprehensive analytics across millions of engagements in real-time, across all channels, whenever they need them.

Rebecca Paoletti, CEO, CakeWorks

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